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Kennedy Healthcare is our family owned company and our mission is to provide high quality rehabilitation and nursing home care. As a family, we don’t view providing quality care as a business but rather as a duty to serve. That is why we provide the finest doctors, nurses and therapists, along with the most comprehensive therapeutic programs, and with the finest comforts and accommodations.

In this climate of large nursing home chain networks, Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare website has shown that the family model of providing personal healthcare services really works, and especially so when the residents are served with the same organizational depth and resources as the large chains.

Because we believe that our staff are the core element in our commitment to providing the best care, you will see that our employees make it their ultimate mission to make your experience truly remarkable and successful. Count on us to do everything in our power to bring you positive healing and comfort in the spirit of hope, health and hospitality. Try us, and let our family take care of yours.

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